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More important than pinpointing Jupiter Zeus' genre and influences is to convey just how amazing listening to them makes you feel. Spine-tingling and mesmerising, the Perth Australia four-piece have an incredible knack for matching the right melody with the right tempo, lyrics and level of intensity – delivering surges of uplifting and often poignant emotion through clever, simple songwriting. Well, 'simple'. That is just to say that Jupiter Zeus don't dress their music up in unnecessary frills. Their debut album, On Earth, is the masterful execution of using less to make more.
Hovering somewhere between hypnotic, stoner rock and its more epic space rock cousin, On Earth is a heavy, ethereal experience. Capturing the essence of the band's live sound, the album makes a strong impression on the sonic front, with rich guitar tones and waves of delay and reverb pushing each chorus into the cosmos. An extension of their 2013 debut EP Green Mosquito, but with far more room to get creative, On Earth is bound together by the band's signature sound, but presents the true vastness of Jupiter Zeus' musical wingspan as they delve into more subtle, entrancing sounds and ideas. On Earth is all of their imagination and creativity come to life.
Released through stoner rock legend Mike Vitali's Magnetic Eye Records, On Earth is a monumental next step for Jupiter Zeus, and one that announces their arrival to the world stage with sheer class.
“These eleven tracks contain more power than most bands can put together in years of work.” - Two Guys Metal Reviews
“Here's the truth: it's been a long time since a band struck a chord this deep in me.” - The Ripple Effect
Jupiter Zeus are...
Aidrian Vudrug - Drums
Simon Staltari - Guitar/Vocals
Jeremy Graham - Bass
Michael Lawson - Guitar



Green Mosquito EP

Dry, seering guitars, meeting cool, undulating rhythms.

The heaviness of lyrics meeting the weightlessness of melody

A Frankenstein's monster of their own taste in music

The Green Mosquito is JUPITER ZEUS' blueprint for themselves...

The band's most inspired, and inspiring, interpretation os rock.

Their place in the timeline of the music before them, and that to come