Jupiter Zeus

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I've been getting a lot of good stuff from Western Australia lately and Jupiter Zeus is the latest from a triumphant breed. Their new record On Earth is a testament to the enduring power of space rock in its modern context. On Earth creates simple yet vast soundscapes that bring in the listener and show that you don't have to be old to be wise. These eleven tracks contain more power than most bands can put together in years of work. This is the kind of record that will get people talking for years, filled with poignant riffs that don't just make music but touch on the human condition.

The thing is, Jupiter Zeus are the kind of band who really have no true peer. Their approach to their music is distinct, their attack powerful and the riff style direct. Jupiter Zeus are not just a very stoned group of space rockers, they are artists, men who grasp the significance and beauty of their craft. The power behind the vocals is incredible and brings the entire sound around a powerful and distinct formation. The guitar parts are also fully engaging. I really dig the way the songs are structured, soaring and swooping from one ear to the other, showing the eternal magic of this bands music. It goes beyond the triumph of bands like Soundgarden and into a realm all of their own.

Let's just say, Magnetic Earth Records have done good in signing this band. Their innovative sound combines a variety of old school giants into something fresh and exciting. It fits perfectly within the modern rock context yet gives a distinct and fresh vibe. Not a lot of bands have the sheer promise that Jupiter Zeus do and I'm excited to see that their fan base is rapidly rising. Prepare yourselves my brethren for one of the most promising and destructive rock bands to come up in recent years. The perfect fusion of Sabbath, Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin this is the new generation of rock and rolls triumph.

Echoes And Dust

Australian band Jupiter Zeus promise psychedelic space rock on this new release On Earth, their follow up to debut EP Green Mosquito and whilst we may not, in reality, get this, they do serve up an almighty slab of alternative rock. Giant walls of sound crash out of the speakers as they build up to epic songs which feel at times, like the earth moving.

'Waves' is a perfect demonstration of this sound with its foreboding opener giving away to a harmonious delivery not dissimilar to Soundgarden. There's a much more closer appreciation to smoothing out the jaggedness here though and the song glides along with its fantastic production values.

And this is where the band maybe could have slipped up but instead they consistently deliver throughout the album an increasing urge to envelope your senses in music. OK, it's not real psych rock but you can see where they are coming from at times.

'Over' and 'Cosmic Rays' continue this quest for epicness but it's not until 'Psychotic Seeds' that we see another side to the band. On this, the best song on the album, they deliver a much rawer sound which stands out against the lush wall of guitars. It's a welcome break in an album which so easily could have slipped into maudlin territory.

Jupiter Zeus will be huge on the continent. This sort of music always is and they may even do well in the US. Whether us here at the UK take to it is another thing altogether. Their music has a peculiar 1990's feel which is inescapable and yet a shame as there is great stuff on here. Take this album at face value and you have a gigantic rock album and at the end of the day there is nothing wrong with that at all. God knows we need a decent rock band at the moment.

Rush On Rock

Guaranteed to delight the doomsters, pique the interest of the post-grunge crowd and make the odd metal fan sit up and take notice there’s no doubt that the psych-rock community will claim Jupiter Zeus as their own.

Spaced-out, fuzzy, fantastical rock is what these mind-bending Aussies deal in best and On Earth is far from it – this meandering album belongs in another world.

Divinity, with its doom-laden vocal and piercing guitar solo, is the pick but it’s easy to get lost in any number of Jupiter Zeus’s myriad aural mazes. At times this is so good it could give early Graveyard a run for their money. SR

RUSHONROCK RATED: 9/10 Not Of This Earth


Twilight Magazin (German translation)

Let LED ZEPPELIN, grunge and alternative rock salute ....: Epic, roaring and dynamic psychedelic rock with reminiscences to thirty years of music history

Australia, Australia, and once again Australia. The former penal colony of the British blossomed more and more into a nest irrepressible creativity. We had to do it at I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN and BURIED IN VERONA with metalcore, then JUPITER ZEUS have prescribed the psychedelic rock that one has not heard in this good in a very long time:

Fast riffs, rock attitude and a dark, melancholy atmosphere catapult us into a mood of hopeful hopelessness that draws forth one of the melodies in its spell. The result are elements of grunge 90s in association with psychedelic passages, which could originate from the LED ZEPPELIN, and aspects of alternative rock at the beginning of our new millennium.

During the opening song 'Waves' and 'Over' by their depressing, but bribe catchy Darkness, develop songs like 'I Am' or 'Psychotic Seeds' by their powerful versatility of an attractive force, which one can not be so escape easily. But there are also songs like 'talkback caller', the clueless leave one. Catchy, happy-sounding, but also somewhat silent caring for any radio-rock.

But then it goes on brachial and gloomy. 'The Sum Of' is really in the true sense of the title, a quintessence of thirty years of music history. Since the references to Led Zeppelin and the gods of grunge like the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS are then unmistakable, however, brought into organic manner consistent with each other.Phenomenal!

And this level is maintained. Unexpected twists, a sophisticated songwriting, outstanding Melody lines, brilliant guitar solos ('Co-Creators','Divinity', 'Waiting In A Line') leave the sore heart beat faster and higher and with the bouncers 'State Of Mind' is not missing the obligatory power ballad.

In short: JUPITER ZEUS have not failed in their album "On Earth" in front of an impressive monument to their creativity and their skills that should not be missed under any circumstances.

The Ripple Effect

You know I'm always on the hunt for fresh, original new rock awesomeness. Well you should also know that honesty is my policy and here's the truth: it's been a long time since a band struck a chord this deep in me. Considering Jupiter Zeus did it with just 4 songs from their new ep, Green Mosquito, I think that's saying a lot.

When I read the name Jupiter Zeus in Racer's email I expected something huge and this 4-piece group from Perth, Australia, didn't disappoint me at all. Their music is "psychedelic space rock", according to the band, but I"ll just call it great tunes with some massive riffs, celestial vocals and impressive melodies. Or some of the best songs I've heard in a while.

"Our musical influences are vast, but we especially love the 60s/70s pop rock period. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Simon & Garfunkle and Black Sabbath to name a few. We're also influenced by more modern bands such as Monster Magnet and Kyuss," primary songwriter Simon Staltari (vocals, guitar) says.

Bassist Jeremy Graham must be the comedian of the group. Here's how he described the band: "Jupiter Zeus is an electric traveling sound." I guess that's one way of putting it cause Green Mosquito sure took me on a cosmic trip.

But let's get one thing straight. Jupiter Zeus mates Staltari, Graham, Aidrian Vudrag (drums) and Michael Lawson (guitar), aren't rock newbies at all and I can sure tell by listening to Green Mosquito. This band knows exactly who they are and where they want to go. They know the sound they want and they've found it, by hell. The founding members have been playing together for decades, Lawson told me.

"I've been friends with the other guys in the band since the early 90s when I was in a ridiculously fast and heavy thrash/punk band called Moth and we were always doing gigs with Nebula - as they where called back then. They all became good friends of mine and Aidrian had been bugging me for years to come and jam with them and I never really got around to it," the veteran guitarist said.

Years later, Australia's Nebula ended due to the American band with the same name and its record contract. "But Simon, Adrian and Jeremy continued songwriting - not really worrying about playing live very much. After a while they had written some really good tunes - which were in a vastly different direction to what they were doing as Nebula - and started doing gigs around Perth as a 3-piece," Lawson said. "Simon sent me some free tickets to one of their shows along with a burnt CD of their new songs they had a demo of. When I listened to the demo it blew me away. I thought it was awesome new music - really Black Sabbath-type heavy, but with lots of colour and shade and really original and unique. I thought Simon's lyric writing was awesome as well. So I went along to their show, checked them out and saw that they stood out from all the other bands that night and were really original. I thought that if I was playing guitar with them as well I could make it a lot fatter and add a lot more muscle to their sound. So I learned all the songs and lined up a jam with them, and have been doing it ever since.."

Green Mosquito was released Sept. 11 and sounds friggin' majestic. It was recorded in Fremantle, a suburb of Perth, known for being where Bon Scott grew up and is buried, Lawson added. "The AC/DC song 'Highway to Hell' was supposedly written about Canning Highway - the road the studio is on where we recorded Green Mosquito. The studio is called 'Poons Head' and has one of the largest collections of vintage valve equipment in the world. They have compressors which where used by Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, so it's a very nostalgic place. The producer and studio owner is a complete eccentric - Rob Grant. For some reason he's befriended patients of a local mental institution who always dropped in when we where recording, which added to the already crazy atmosphere. We basically told Rob what we where looking for with the sound and he did what he thought would suit. He was a complete slave-driver and we still joke about having to play the song "Green Mosquito" 50 times in a row to get it right."

Way to go Rob. You pushed Jupiter Zeus and produced excellence with Green Mosquito. All the songs are about 3 minutes long and I could hear any of them playing on my local rock radio station. The first track, "From Womb", emerges with a raucous swagger and let's me know I'm in for a psychedelic rock treat.

"I...wanna sing the perfect tune," Staltari declares on the title track and ya know what? I believe he just did. I included a link for it 'cause I couldn't find a video anywhere for my favorite Green Mosquito song, "Forbidden Planet". Trust me when I say that it's SO unbelievably heavy. And "Whirlwind" is exactly like the title suggests - it's a fun, thrilling ride.

The band has plans for a full-length album - possibly early next year, Lawson said, and they're practicing in a unique place. "Simon has a lemon and mandarin orchard which has a huge shed we rehearse in. I personally think the fact that the songs are written in a big shed have influenced the sound we have at the moment due to having to blast the amps to ridiculous volumes to get a good sound."

That's one full-length release I'm anticipating with excitement, but I'm good with Green Mosquito for now and I'm sure I'll be listening to Jupiter Zeus for years to come.